Lubbock Chamber of Commerce : 2019.2 New Horizons 2020

Board of Directors Meeting December 2020 - Chairman's Board Reception

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is made up of highly successful and motivated individuals from various businesses in the Lubbock Community. The Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis.

  • Location:
  • To Be Held Dec 17, 2020 5pm
    (Date is TBD)
  • 75 Attendees Expected
  • Contact Sheri Nugent

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    • Benefits

      1. *Company logo on board packets and reception plaque *Company representative recognized at meeting with opportunity to speak *Opportunity to distribute promotional items at every place setting at meeting *Opportunity for company representative to recognize the retiring Board Members and welcome new Board Members
    • Obligations

      1. EVENT CONTACT: _____________________________________________ EVENT CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: _________________________ CONTACT EMAIL: _________________________________________________
      2. This is a binding contract; any cancellation will result in a 12% cancellation fee.

Interested in purchasing anything here?
Contact Sheri Nugent @

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